How to Get Top Results in Singapore Math Exams Through Engaging a Good Math Tutor

Published: 21st July 2009
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Mathematics is a subject where top results often be better achieved through good math tuition. Studies show that private tuition helps students do better in school. This personal tuition also benefits students lagging behind or those with learning disabilities. Indeed mathematics is a subject that benefits most from tuition, as it is easy to teach. However with so many Singapore math tutors to choose from, it is essential to pick one that will help you achieve your academic goals.

Here are some tips to help you pick the best Singapore maths tutor.

1. Passion and knowledge. It is not necessary to get "harvard tuition" tutors or a head of math department to teach you. Choose a tutor passionate and knowledgeable in the maths topics you are interested in. Beyond a solid academic background, a good maths tutor should have an ability to relate and communicate well to their students. Such tutors normally are "booked solid" with a waiting list, and have a good track record of producing students who ace their exams or secure good scholarships.

2. Choose a top math tutor who is experienced in teaching the exact subjects your are learning in school, whether primary, secondary or JC level maths. Ideally, your tuition school should use the same math materials that you use in class. This is unless you are choosing a tutor for "maths enrichment" type programs, for example if you are looking for Singapore Mathematical Olympiad training. Furthermore, a good tutor should go beyond teaching using standard school math exercises, and give their students engaging new ways of learning through utilizing great math teaching materials and interactive examples.

3. Choose a maths tutor who takes an active approach to ensuring you learn. A good math tutor should adapt their teaching to each child's own abilities, letting them progress at their own pace. Some tutors take a passive approach in simply giving homework and passively monitoring students progress. However a good tutor stimulates and motivates students to understand concepts, rather than just memorizing answers. Flexible, creative and engaging tutors play a big part in motivating students to learn math.

As an fun example of creativity, this is a song teaching students the meaning of an isosceles triangle (sing to the tune of 'oh christmas tree', or 'o, tannenbaum'): isosceles, isosceles, two angle have the same degrees isosceles, isosceles, you look just like a christmas tree two sides the same, three vertices two angles have the same degrees isosceles, isosceles, you look just like a christmas tree!

By making math tuition fun, over time students will gain in confidence and speed in solving maths problems. In conclusion math is an very important life skill that will benefit anyone who masters it. I hope these tips will help you in choosing the best math tutor in Singapore for 2009!

Valerie's passion is in helping Singapore students ace their exams with the aid of good Singapore tutors.

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